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Friday, September 26, 2014

Best Warm Winter Dog Coats

Best Warm Winter Dog Coats


Warm Winter Dog Coats! Shop for the best stylish Dog Sweatshirts, Dog Jackets, Dog Coats and Dog Hoodies! 
Your Best Pal Dog will simply enjoy the attention!
Add an extra layer of protection to your dog and keep those Winter chills at bay. Our large selection of stylish dog Fleece, coats and jackets will protect your pet from the cold, wind and moisture, keeping your pet healthy. 

See them here:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pet Safety tips for Halloween

Ensure this Halloween is truly spooktacular for you pets.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Tips to Have a safe, enjoyable fun time with you pet at Halloween...

 Halloween can be a Frightening Time for Pets! Use common sense!

With Halloween just a week away the Humane Society for Shelter Pets is offering America’s pet owners some safety tips to ensure this Halloween is truly spooktacular.

Costumes can be scary to pets, whether worn by familiar people, strangers, or even pets themselves.

The National Retail Federation found that over 15% of people are planning to dress up their animals in costumes this Halloween. If you are planning to include your pet in the family Halloween activities,please make sure to avoid pet costumes that include hats, masks, or shoes.

The American Veterinary Medical Association reminds owners not to leave pet dressed in costumes,(costumed pets) unattended.

Most people are aware that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but hard candies and other sweets containing the ingredient Xylitol, commonly found in gums and mints, can also pose a health risk to your pet.

Often in the excitement and chaos of Halloween night, these dangerous treats may be left within easy reach of curious canine noses. As with all human food make sure your candy is placed out of reach of your pet.

Be aware Dogs are not the only pets known to stick their noses and mouths where they don’t belong. Due to their curious nature, cats can’t help but be attracted to glow sticks and shiny costume jewelry. While not usually life-threatening, treating a glow stick as a chew toy can result in mouth pain and irritation, and lead to excessive drooling and foaming.

The Pet Poison Helpline, (800-213-6680), suggests you attempt to wash as much of the chemical off of the fur as you can, as self-grooming can contribute to further poisoning. If left in reaching distance, cheap costume jewelry can also become a major choking hazard for both dogs and cats.

According to the National Retail Federation, 170 million people plan to celebrate Halloween this year. With so many families participating in All Hallow’s Eve festivities, it’s important to take this opportunity to talk about pet safety.

With every human celebration there are opportunities for lapses in household security resulting in ghastly accidents or devilish escapes.

Strangers stopping by in ghoulish costumes can cause plenty of anxiety, while parties offer access to large amounts of food and candy. Although only pigs and dogs, and a certain two-legged animal, seem to be at the greatest risk for overindulging, it’s worth considering a few ways to batten down the hatches and protect pets from Halloween mishaps.

Fun, Scary, Cute Pet Dog Halloween Costumes on Sale! Free Shipping too.

Fun, Scary, Cute, Pet Dog Halloween Costumes on Sale! 

Free Shipping too.


All Pet Dog Halloween Costumes on Sale

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Halloween Dog Costumes 40% off Pet Costumes Plus free Shipping Wow!

Halloween Dog and Pet Costumes on Sale Now. 

Up to 40% off original suggested retail.

Free Shipping!

Dog Halloween Costumes
Halloween Dog Costumes

Treat your Puppies to these irresistibly cute Pet Costumes. They dress up any pet to turn any occasion into a humorous photo opportunity. 

Dog Halloween Costumes are great fun for parties, family gatherings, holidays and special events. 
Most Dog Costumes are made of satin and Velcro® belly band.

Many costumes to choose from: Kool Dawg Tees. We offer: Casual Canine, Hot Diggity Dog, Halloween Costumes, Bumble Bee, Pumpkin Pup, My Lil Angel, Tux with
Tails & Top Hat, Wedding Dress with Veil, Piggy Pooch, Woof Wizard, Canine Graduation, Dogzilla Dinosaur, Happy Tails Cowboy, Fairy Princess, Prison Pooch, Flutter
Pup Butterfly and more.

Dogzilla, Dinosaur dog costume, dog costumes, pet costume, Halloween, piggy, dog Halloween, hot dog costume, birthday, Yorkie Halloween, for small dogs and big dogs,
for other pets, for pet dogs for pet Chihuahua, pet holiday, for my dog, by Casual Canine

Fleece Dog Coats 2014 Fashions

New Fido Fleece Dog Coats for 2014 - 2015 Winter Season.

Fall Special...Free Shipping in USA lower 48

Warm Fleece Dog coats by Premier Pet / PetSafe
Fido Fleece Dog Coats newest selections for 2014 - 2015 Winter Season
We at Kool Dawg Tees are proud to announce that Fido Fleece Dog Coats styles will remain the same for Winter 2014 - 2015 Season. This information has been provided by the manufacturer of Fido Fleece Products by PetSafe, formally Premier Pet Products.

Fido Fleece Products On-Line Store at will be offering all of the new Fido Fleece Coat Styles and Colors as well as exclusive Fido Fleece in stock that cannot be found anywhere else.

Please note that some of the 2013 Fido Fleece Dog Coats are in short supply as the styles have been discontinued by PetSafe.

Kool Dawg Tees has all of the all of the Fleece Dog Coats shown below as well as other popular

PetSafe Winter Dog protection and accessories... 
Winter Fleece Dog Coats
Fido Fleece Marvel 2014 -2015
Warm Fleee Dogs Coat
Fido Fleece Morocco Dog Coat
Winter Warmth. Fleece Coats for dogs
Fido Fleece Randomness
Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Stormy Circles Dog Coat
Fido Fleece Stormy Circles Dog Coat
Plaid Winter fleece for dogs
Fido Fleece Summer Plaid Dog Coat

Fleece Dog Coat Teal My Heart
Fido Fleece Teal My Heart Dog Coat
Mac Dawg Dog Coat
Fido Fleece Mac Dawg Dog Coat

Fido Fleece Limey Bones Dog Coat
Fleur de Flea Dog Coat
Fido Fleece Fleur de Flea Dog Coat

Pink Zinnias Dog Coat
Fido Fleece Pink Zinnias Dog Coat

Snow Flake Dog Coat
Fido Fleece Snow Flake Dog Coat

Bones on Squares Dog Coat
Fido Fleece Bones on Squares Dog Coat
 Fido Fleece Celtic Red
Dog Coat - Fido Fleece Celtic Red SIZE 8

 Please check out our other Fido Fleece products and matching accessories:
 Fido fashion coats, fido fashion jean jacket, extreme fido float, Fido Float Life Vest, black fido fleece dog booties, Red fido fleece dog booties, fido finery collar leash collection.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free shipping for all dog clothes and pet apparel now offers free shipping to the 48 contiguous States!

Celebrating our tenth successful year offering quality on-line pet apparel is saying thank you!

All Fabulous Small Dog Clothes and Fashionable Big Dog Clothing| as well as  Warm Winter Dog Coats, Jackets, Dog SweatshirtsSummer, Seasonal pet apparel items qualify for free shipping effective immediately!

Thank you for a fabulous 10+ years! We look forward to supplying our customers, old and new with the best quality pet accessories at reasonable prices for years to come. Visit us today

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Dog Clothes with a Blog

Stan from Dog with a Blog to don dog motorcycle Helmet!

Producers of Dog with a Blog order dog motorcycle Helmet from for up coming Dog with a Blog episode.


Dog Helmet

  Stan, K-9 super star Star of Dog with a blog will be wearing a Dog Helmet as a prop during a future episode of Dog with a Blog,  according to the shows producers.  This Dog Helmet will be similar to the Dog Motorcycle Helmet as shown in the above photo.

You can order a dog helmet just like Stan's and lots of other really cool dog clothing and accessories at 

Play Dog With a Blog: Stan's Dream Escape game

Help Stan get through his dreams to find his family!

Play Stan's Sneaky Blog Game now!

Summer presents many many opportunities for outdoor activities for you and your dog pals.

Water sports and Water safety.

Like us humans, many dogs are couch potatoes too, and are not use to vigorous physical activity like swimming for long periods of time. If Your Pet is part of the family and included in your vacation plans and your going to be near or on lakes, rivers or the seashore with your best Pals, it is a good idea to consider a Dog life Jacket or dog life vest for water safety!
Dog Life jackets and life Vest
Fido Float Extreme. The ultimate in dog Life vest water safety.

 Protect your dog's eyes too!

goggles for dogs have polycarbonate (shatterproof), anti-fog lenses which block 100% of UV light and keep out wind and debris.

Doggles Sunglasses for Dogs

Doggles Sunglasses for Dogs...
Feature UV protection for pets which is helpful and useful for Pannus and other eye diseases that need protection from harmful UV rays. Doggles, Dog Sunglasses, goggles for dogs have polycarbonate (shatterproof), anti-fog lenses which block 100% of UV light and keep out wind and debris.

Sunglasses for Dogs feature wrap around frames, completely enclose the eyes with no gaps for stray light or foreign objects making them the ideal

Motorcycle Dog Goggle
Doggles Dog Sunglasses feature two adjustable elastic straps keep on securely during any activity.

Doggles are available in the three distinct styles.

"ILS" Interchangeable Lens System, (recommended if used for Dog Motorcycle Goggles), Originalz and K-9 Optics Fashion Sunglasses for Dogs - Dog Goggles

Shop Doggles Sunglasses for Dogs! Doggles Dog Motorcycle Goggles on Sale Now!

Shop today for specials and sale items of our cool dog clothing, safety wear and pet accessories at:

Always Free Shipping in USA 48 States!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New American Biker Dog Bitchin' Pink Motorcycle Jacket

All American Dog Biker Motorcycle Jackets

The Lady's All American Dog Biker Motorcycle Jacket


 Bitchin' Pink Faux Leather for the lady Biker dogs. 

This attractive Girl Dogs Motorcycle Jacket brags a meticulously embroidered Pink Winged, Silver breasted Bald Eagle Applique, outlined in black.

This awesome design actually jumps off the jacket as an attention grabber.
The Lady's All American Dog Biker Motorcycle Jacket also incorporates an embroidered USA Flag at tail end of jacket, leaving no doubt that she is proud to be An American Biker Dog! 

Available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, for small to mid size motor mutts and in Large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXXL for for the bigger, badder, breeds of Biker dogs.

All Dogs Biker Jackets come with "D" Ring at the collar to attach a leash or safety strap.
Buy one today at

Also available for Biker Dog Dudes...

Black Leather American Dog Motorcycle Jackets

See all Kool Dawg's Dog Motorcycle Stuff before your next Biker rally at

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winter is here! Special Offer Free Shipping Warm Dog Clothes

Winter is here! Special Offer Free Shipping, Warm Dog Clothes

Another Cold Snap on the Way! 

Keep your Pups Warm with Ruffwear, Fido Fleece, Zack & Zoey and More.

Warm Winter Dog Clothing, Cozy Winter Dog Coats, Jackets, Dogs Sweatshirts.

Best Warm Winter Dog Coats

Free Shipping for all Warm Winter dog clothes, Coats, Dog Jackets and accessories for Large and Extra Large Dogs, big and small, all dog breeds. Dog coats, Warm Winter Sweatshirts, sweaters, NFL and Winter Fleece vests.


We feature the Best Brand Names in warm dog clothes and cold protection for your pet like: Fido Fleece, Ruff Wear, 1Z, Guardian Gear, Casual Canine, Zack & Zoey, Premier Pet Products, Doggie Skins, East Side Collection, NFL Sports Pet Gear and more!

Many Winter Dog clothes including Coats and Jackets on sale now.
Fast delivery, same day shipping!

Warm Dog Coats

Pet Boots -  Paw Protection

Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Dog Coat - Gray

Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Dog Coat - Red

Ruffwear Climate Changer - Purple Dusk

Ruffwear Climate Changer Dog Coat - Gray

Ruffwear Climate Changer - Burnt Orange

RuffWear Climate Changer™ Fleece Dog Coat, Lichen Green

Ruffwear Climate Changer Dog Coat - Black

RuffWear Quinzee Dog Jacket - Gray

RuffWear Quinzee Dog Jacket - Red Rock

RuffWear K-9 Overcoat Ultility Dog Jacket  - Red Currant

RuffWear K-9 Overcoat Utility Dog Jacket - Green

RuffWear Track Jacket - Blaze Orange

RuffWear Track Jacket Safety jacket for dogs - Fern Green

Dog Coat - 1Z  with harness system

Fido Fleece Fleur de Flea Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Marvel Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Morocco Dog Coat 

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Randomness Dog Coat

Regular price: $39.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat

Regular price: $39.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Summer Plaid Dog Coat

Regular price: $37.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Dotted Bliss Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Stormy Circles Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Teal My Heart Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Mac Dawg Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Limey Bones Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Pink Zinnias Dog Coat

Regular price: $31.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Inkheart Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Snowy Paws Dog Coat

Fido Fleece Opti Bone Dog Coat

Regular price: $35.99

Sale price: $27.99
Fido Fleece Ring-A-Ding Dog Coat AVAILABLE in SIZE 18 & 20

Fido Fleece Flower Power Dog Coat

Fido Fleece My Little Angel

Dog Jacket - Fido Fashions Faux Shearling

Dog Jacket - Fido Fashions Jean Jacket w/ Interchangeable Trim

Dog Coat - Fido Fashions Navy Pea

Dog Sweater - English Rugby  w/Pld Scarf  

Regular price: $30.99

Sale price: $20.99
Dog Hoodies - Camo

Dog Fleece - Sporty Pullovers

Pure All-Wool Dog Sweaters w/Scarf

Dog Sweatshirts  - Hooded  Sports

Dog Jacket - Hooded Storm Jackets w/Visors

Dog Jackets - Camo

Dog Jacket - Hunter Green with Reflective Stripes

Dog Jacket - Navy  with Reflective Stripes

Red Dog Jacket with Reflective Stripes

Dog Snowsuit

Regular price: $39.99

Sale price: $33.99
Dogs Coat - Duffle w / Toggle Ties Golden Rod Medium

Zack & Zoey Fleece Dog Vests

Dog Boots - Black Fido Fleece Doggie Booties

Red Fido Fleece Doggie Booties

Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots Polar Trex 

Ruff Wear Bark'n Dog Boots� Skyliner� Everyday Dog Boots

Ruff Wear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Ruff Wear Bark'n Boot Liners Dog Boot Liners

Dog Boots - Camo  (Green)

Dog Boots - Camo (Pink)

Dog  Boots - East Side Collection Charming Gingham (Blue)

Dog  Boots - East Side Collection Charming Gingham (Green)

Dog  Boots - East Side Collection Charming Gingham (Magenta)

Dog Life Vest - Fido Float Extreme

Regular price: $48.49

Sale price: $37.49
Dog Life Vest - Fido Float  Swim Aid for Larger Dogs

Dog Life Vest - Fido Float™ Swim Vest for dogs - Dog Life Jacket - Tiny - XXL



You may also like

Dog Snowsuit

Price: $39.99

Sale Price: $33.99

We feature the Best Brand Names in warm dog clothes made specifically for retaining warmth for your Puppy against Winter cold.

Warm Winter dog clothes and dog specific Coats provide essential protection for your Large or Small pet like: Fido
 Fleece, Ruff Wear, 1Z, Guardian Gear, Casual Canine, Zack & Zoey,
Premier Pet Products, Doggie Skins, East Side Collection, NFL Sports Pet
 Gear and more!

Many Warm Winter Dog clothes, Coats and  Dog Fleece Jackets on sale now.
Fast delivery, same day shipping!

Warm Winter Dog clothes and coats
 available today, whether for fashion or function, is the latest fashion
 industry phenomena, also becoming extremely popular with folks that
share their lives with dogs.

The rise in the popularity of Warm Winter dog clothes,
 not only driven by celebrities like Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton and a
 host of others basking in the limelight has drawn a lot of attention to
 dog couture.

The Hip new age celebrities are showcasing their
pets to the paparazzi much the same way as the affluent mothers of well
dressed children of years gone by.

Critics may balk at the
current dog apparel popularity, however, the fact remains dog clothing
whether cute or not may be very beneficial for your pampered pet.

 of what drives the dog designer clothing and apparel industry, the
holidays, especially Halloween or The Christmas Holiday season grant the
 opportunity for dog enthusiasts to pour on the doggie couture.

 only is it fun for the pet owner, even the experts agree the pampering
of your pet dog can contribute to a feeling of well being for your
pooch, besides the functionality and protection it provides for our

(What dog does not love attention)?

Dog lovers today redefine the phrase "creature comforts".

 owners now have a large selection of pet clothing options, obviously
driven by market demand, that were not available years ago, thus
allowing many more choices in functional fashion to protect there pets
from the elements and keep their pets warm from Winter cold, dry and
stylish. Even though the trend in pet fashion tends to lean toward
smaller dog breeds. Many dog-clothing designers now make pet apparel for
 larger dogs too.The domestication of dogs and the use of dog clothing
are parallel.

In modern times we have embraced our animals to the
 point of making them members of our family, and rightfully so! Our dogs
 provide us with unconditional love and in some cases protection and
even a constantly vigilant alarm system, in exchange for food and

Modern dogs do not have to endure the ravages of nature
as they did back in the days of wolf packs or even colonial times, our
pet dogs have become accustom to the same climate controlled environment
 we enjoy.

Even the professionals agree that because domesticated
 dogs physiology has evolved and adjusted to human environmental
standards, they need extra protection from the cold Winter conditions as
 much as their human counterparts. This applies especially to popular
smaller teacups and miniature breeds with fine coats need Warm Winter Dog Coats for protection from the colder temperatures, particularly the vulnerable under belly of the dog.

For this very reason a well made small warm Winter dog coat like Fido Fleece by Premier Pet, Ruffwear Gear
 or Doggles brand of DOGG Klothes Fleece Warm Ups, or even to as lesser
degree dog T-shirts, will protect your buddy's body and hold internal
temperatures at normal levels keeping your dog warm and toasty and less
vulnerable to maladies associated with hypothermia.

Most smaller
dog breeds like Miniature Pinchers, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers,
Pomeranians and most popular “teacups”, have a tendency to lose their
body heat quickly and really benefit from warm dog clothes and
protective cold weather dog coats much like we do.

Like dog clothing, another item gaining popularity, doggie Booties or Dog Boots.

 major metropolitan areas utilize a wide variety of caustic sodium,
(salt based chemicals), as a de-icing agent, that are classed as
Hazardous and Corrosive chemicals that can actually burn your dogs paw
pads and cause serious irritation or injury.

Dog Booties can help to alleviate this problem.

The newer dog boots like RuffWear Bark-n-Boots,
  Fido Fleece™ Dog Booties are cost effective, designed for ease of use,
 durable, waterproof and stay on!In conclusion, you dog clothes critics
out there can go bark up another tree!

Warm Winter Dog Coats, Dogs designer fashion and clothing is growing at a phenomenal pace and will be around for a long time.

 us proponents and dog lovers in general, not only buying warm dog
clothes for you best pal can be fun and can dress your dog up in the
latest dog fashions, dog clothing and accessories such as dog boots can
be very beneficial to the mental and physical well being of your pet.
So have fun and don’t through doggie out with the bath water! Take
advantage of this great era we share with man’s best friend, go ahead
spoil them!

David Joel, Webmaster for
 and his wife operate a privately funded dog rescue mission in rural
South Carolina, currently have Four dogs in their charge and avidly
support as well as hosted Katrina Lost
and found pets service.
All Four of our rescued dogs have become their extended family members
and share in the benefits of proceeds realized from the sale of dog
clothes at

Article Source: creature comforts