Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kool Dawg Tees Warm Winter Dog Coats

Kool Dawg Tees adds the latest dog lover gifts to holiday dog clothes Christmas gifts!
Your Dog will never be in the dark when wearing this Blinking Star Holiday Sweater! Innovative Casual Canine™ Twinkling Star Holiday Sweaters transform any dog into a four-legged holiday. Made of soft and comfortable acrylic, each red turtleneck sweater features a Christmas tree appliqué with sequined ornaments, bones, and a brightly blinking star! Battery provides up to 72 hours of blinking. Star activates easily with a twist. Ribbed neck and cuffs provide a comfortable fit, and rear leg loops keep sweater in place.
One of the season's most popular dog costumes
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chicago Dog Sports Jersey: Souvenir Chicago shirts for your dog!

Chicago White Sox are World Series champions again at last!

Your dog will wants to celebrate Chicago White Sox World Series win too!

True fans like to show their colors.
High quality Baseball Jerseys designed using a Combination of polyester and cotton, embroidery baseball patch, city name, and a favorite Player number.

Limited supply, Order today while supplies last!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Baseball Jerseys for your sports minded Pup!

Kool Dawg Tees adds kool Baseball dog jerseys to starting line-up.
Just in time for the ALCS and NLCS not to mention the WORLD SERIES!

Your dog will love to root for a favorite team.
Get your pooch out of the dugout and on to the diamond!

Whether, your favorite team is in first place or last, true fans like to show their colors.The high quality jersey is designed using a Combination of polyester and cotton, embroidery baseball patch, city name, and a favorite Player number. BATTER P-UP!

Pick your pups favorite baseball team:

Aniheim, New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Chicago, Boston or St.Louis. Sizes XS - XXXL

See Them all here:

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dateline: October 11th, 2005
Kool Dawg Tees adds 41 brand new products for the Fall 2005/Winter 2006 season.

Forty one hot new K9 Klothes styles have been added to Kool Dawg Tees doggy fashion collection. New products include "Dogg Fashion Line" hat collection
The latest fashion craze for your pal,"HATS". All hats have adjustable Chin Straps and ear loops. Hats styles for every taste. Bucket, Biker, Crusher, Feathers, Flowers,Sporty, D-Lo Urban, Cowboy with matching harnesses.

See them here:

Also new for this Winter season, Functional/ Fashion in the form of Fleece Warm Ups .
K9 Klothes Fleece Warm Ups. These Snuggly Fleece Warm Up Coats come incoordinating Doggles ILS colors. Velcro closure at top for EZ on off, plus K9 Kaps for Dogs
Stylish sport style Kaps for dogs with velcro strap under chin that keeps hat securely on head, WOW! See

Them here:

And last but not least,
Dogg Winter Knits Pure Cashmere Dog Sweaters: Only the finest cashmere is used to make our all new winter sweaters the ultimate for smaller to medium size dogs and
Dogg Winter Knits Cashmere Blend- Gloves:
Beautiful knit cashmere blend dog sweaters with wide cuff matching human gloves. Includes attractive sweater storage box.

Dogg Winter Knits Hats
Kool Knit winter beanie style dog hats.Ear holes with an adjustable brim, ensures a snug fit.

You can see them all here:

Please visit our 5 star rated YahooDog Clothes shopping site today. Your pooch will be glad you did!

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Or go to Kool Dawg on Yahoo shopping...;kool+dawg+tees

Monday, October 03, 2005

Kool Dawg Tees Rated Five Star Excellent!

Kool Dawg Tees Rated Five Star Excellent Merchant rating with Yahoo Shopping!.

See what our customers are saying about their dog clothes shopping experience with Kool Dawg!

Yahoo Rating

Our clothing is the very best quality available on the canine fashion scene.

We specialize in Small Dog Clothes as well as select accessories to complement your pooch's wardrobe and offer a five star rated customer service after the sale!

Kool Dawg has added five new styles in the latest Fido Fleece Dog Coat fashion line-up for the 2005- 2006 season.

Please visit us today: Designer Dog Clothes by Kool Dawg Tees

Saturday, September 03, 2005

How to list your lost pet from hurricane katrina, find a lost pet,or list a found pet.

Kool Dawg Tees offers free assistance to families that lost pets during the Hurricane Katrina Disastaster...

Home>katrina-pets-submit> Lost Pets> Found Pets
How to list your lost pet from hurricane katrina, find a lost pet,or list a found pet.
©2005 AP Photo/John Bazemore
If you lost your pet as a result of Hurricane Katrina, please fill out "I Lost My Pet" form below.We will make this information available to all animal rescue agencies, local animal shelters, the American ASPCA and other lost and found pet websites through this website.You can also submit photos to this e-mailIF you found a pet, Fill out the "Found Pet" Form below.All submitted information will be listed as received by date and geographic location on these two pages: I Lost my Pet and I found a pet.

These pages are a public service of,designed to assist pet owners locate pets lost during the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.Kool Dawg Tees is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed on these pages.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Dog Clothes History


Dog Clothes

Dog clothes have quickly become the latest fashion accessory for dogs worldwide, thanks to celebrities like: Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson , Britany Spears and many others.

They have showcased their pups in the limelight and set new standards for dog clothes awareness.
Most dog clothes were originally developed for use by the Military and Law enforcement agencies for visual identity purposes as well as protection, from both the surrounding environment and attack.
Uses of protective clothing for animals can be traced back to the times of King Arthur, where Knights used to cover their horses for protection during battle. In our times there are not many pooches riding into battle, with the exception of K-9 police units and narcotic sniffers.
The modern role of dogs has changed to become more of a family member and companion Obviously the role of dog apparel has changed also!

There are two main types of dog clothes, you have protective clothes, and clothes for fashion. Lets look at protective clothes, they come in many shapes and style and are generally used in public to protect dogs from the environment.
You may see dogs who walk outdoors wearing dog booties that prevent them from getting cold or to keep debris from injuring their paws.

Raincoats are probably the second most common dog clothing item utilized today.
They are generally a waterproof material, typically with holes for its legs and tail.
They are often in a bright colors, to prevent the dog being being lost.
Guide dogs typically wear a dog jacket with marking to identify that they are a service dog.

Recently dog clothes have taken on a whole new style, Hollywood celebrities can be seen strutting their stuff along with their pets in a brand new jacket or designer t-shirt.
Ever since protective clothing hit the main stream pet market, people have wanted more desirable clothing, to reflect their personality and that of their dogs. From bright colors to pastels and any number of materials are available all over the world, especially on the internet.

Kool Dawg Tees offers t-shirts tailored specifically for your dog with personalization you can see them here:

Most dog clothes companies will not offer a huge range of sizes, and normally only small, medium and large sizes are available. Kool Dawg Tees specializes in Small dog designer apparel, however we do offer larger dog clothing for dogs up tp 100 Lbs.

Check us out today at: It's a fun place to visit!

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Dog Shirts,

Girl Dog Dresses,

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dog Clothes wholesale

Kool Dawg Tees offering new wholesale dog clothes site.

Wholesale dog clothesPooch+Plus Outerwear and Le Chien, a full line of wholesale top-quality dog clothes functional designer Outerwear for the fashionable dog! With many patterns and styles to choose from, they're competitively priced and beautifully packaged - the perfect combination of style and quality. Exclusively from Kool Dawg Tees!

Call 1-866-848-3580 for PW and UN

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Kool Dawg direct link product pages...

New Spring Dog Fashions arriving daily!

Welcome to Designer Dog Clothes.
Fun petwear by Kool Dawg Tees.We offer the most popular Dog Clothes, Dog T- Shirts and Dog Outerwear and accessories!
Kool Dawg presents the top dog clothes product lines of unique designer small dog clothing and Pet Wear for all dog breeds.
Kool Dawg pet products are tested on our own dogs fordurability. All products are guaranteed, reasonably priced, fashionable and practical pet apparel and accessories.

Our fun Pet Apparel, Designer Dog Clothes, Dog Costumes, Dog Necklaces, Luxury Small Dog Apparel, by Woof,Fido Fleece, Vava and Casual Canine are Ideal for all small dog breeds and large dog breeds alike.
Kool Dawg offers great dog coats to keep pooch toasty warm in winter and designer dog fashions to keep your pal looking kool all the time!
Put your puppy in terrific Kool Dawg dog apparel or dog clothes product.
Your pooch deserves the best pet apparel and dog clothing products available!Our Pet Products make a Great Dog Gift Idea.

T-Shirts 4 Dogs: Kool T-Shirts for Dogs

T-Shirts 4 Dogs: Kool T-Shirts for Dogs

Kool Dawg Tees has added a whole bunch of new designer dog clothes for spring. Check out all the latest doggie clothing at;

Friday, March 25, 2005


New Doggles Interchangeable Lens system now available
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