Friday, August 05, 2005

Dog Clothes History


Dog Clothes

Dog clothes have quickly become the latest fashion accessory for dogs worldwide, thanks to celebrities like: Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson , Britany Spears and many others.

They have showcased their pups in the limelight and set new standards for dog clothes awareness.
Most dog clothes were originally developed for use by the Military and Law enforcement agencies for visual identity purposes as well as protection, from both the surrounding environment and attack.
Uses of protective clothing for animals can be traced back to the times of King Arthur, where Knights used to cover their horses for protection during battle. In our times there are not many pooches riding into battle, with the exception of K-9 police units and narcotic sniffers.
The modern role of dogs has changed to become more of a family member and companion Obviously the role of dog apparel has changed also!

There are two main types of dog clothes, you have protective clothes, and clothes for fashion. Lets look at protective clothes, they come in many shapes and style and are generally used in public to protect dogs from the environment.
You may see dogs who walk outdoors wearing dog booties that prevent them from getting cold or to keep debris from injuring their paws.

Raincoats are probably the second most common dog clothing item utilized today.
They are generally a waterproof material, typically with holes for its legs and tail.
They are often in a bright colors, to prevent the dog being being lost.
Guide dogs typically wear a dog jacket with marking to identify that they are a service dog.

Recently dog clothes have taken on a whole new style, Hollywood celebrities can be seen strutting their stuff along with their pets in a brand new jacket or designer t-shirt.
Ever since protective clothing hit the main stream pet market, people have wanted more desirable clothing, to reflect their personality and that of their dogs. From bright colors to pastels and any number of materials are available all over the world, especially on the internet.

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