Wednesday, October 31, 2012

List your lost pet from Hurricane Sandy, find a lost pet, or list a found pet

List your lost pet from Hurricane Sandy, find a lost pet, or list a found pet here Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets

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Sandy's Lost and Found Pets

The Amber Alert System for your Pet

As Pet owners, many of us have experienced the panic and upset when one of our beloved pets goes missing.

The Lost Petz App has been developed to allow pet owners to send out an alert to other pet loving people in the community if their pet goes missing. The alert includes a current photo and additional relevant information about the pet; allowing an anxious pet owner to recruit the assistance of everyone in the vicinity to help reunite them with their pet.

Join a global community of animal lovers coming together to help each other in their hour of need.

New York City ASPCA

Calling all Big Apple pet parents! The greatest city in the world is home to the ASPCA’s headquarters, where we provide adoption and medical services to the public as well as uphold our commitment to end animal cruelty.
New York City ASPCA

Animal Care & Control of NYC

(AC&C) will have limited service during Hurricane Sandy as follows:
Animal Care & Control of NYC

Rush is on to rescue animals stranded in Sandy's wake

By Laura T. Coffey, TODAY contributing editor

Will dogs, cats and other animals fare as badly in Sandy’s wake as they did during Hurricane Katrina, which left an estimated 250,000 pets stranded and struggling to survive?

Animal rescuers say it’s still too early to tell — although they’re hopeful that animals in states most affected by Sandy’s wrath will stand a better chance than they did during Katrina’s onslaught in 2005. Their hopefulness is based on the prevalence of pet-friendly shelters in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA).

Animal Shelters in NJ Listings

A Comprehensive Alphabetical Listing of New Jersey Animal Shelters

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