Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kool T-Shirts for Dogs

It is getting COLD out there!
Time to put some clothes on pooch .
Our Petwear, Dog T-Shirts, Dog Clothes & dog t-shirt are for small dog breeds and make a great dog gift.
Spare your best friend embarrassment.
Don't take your Dog outside NAKED!
Put your Dog in a terrific Kool Dawg T-Shirt.
You will be the talk of the neighborhood when your kids and dogs are both dressed in our Kool Dawg Tees! Great Dog Gift Idea.
Similar T-Shirt Styles & T-Shirt Colors for dogs and kids Too !
We offer five different colors of dog t-shirts and eight different colors of Kids T-Shirts to choose from.
Dog T-Shirt sizes: Small through XXL. T-Shirts for Kids sizes: Toddlers 2-4-6.Tell your friends about us. See all of our stuff here:
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